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Re: parasites linked to berries

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

Master Vuong Manh wrote:
>> Does anyone know if the parasites that have been linked to raspberries and 
>> strawberries would be killed if the berries were used for cordials?
>Forgive my doffing my Mandarin's cap for my out-of-period medical lab
>technologists' hat, but: No.  Not unless you made up the cordial with
>straight grain alcohol and, after it had steeped for a due time, cut it to
>drinkable level with pure water (or honeyed water, if that's better for
>your recipe).  An awful lot of people have gotten cases of Somebody's
>Revenge by telling themselves, "Oh, well, alcohol kills germs..."  It
>doesn't reliably kill germs in less than 85 percent concentration -- which
>is 170 proof, or Strong Enough to Take the Skin Off the Roof of Your Mouth
>in a more in-period scale of measurement.

My understanding was that these beasties were not germs, but microscopic
parasites, a sort of worm.  The medical advisor to WBAL said that they COULD
be killed by freezing for at least two hours or by cooking.  So, just stick
the berries in the freezer overnight before making your cordial.


Bob, Lucinda and Tabby Welenc
(410) 969-8303

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