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Re: Disc: Pay-to-Fight

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

> Poster: jsussman@cpcug.org (Jeffrey Sussman)

> Greetings from Richard!

> Disclaimer: The following is my memory of conversations with the decision
> makers.

> Pay to fight was not motivated my bureaucratic laziness.  The bureaucratic
> efficacy was a happy side effect.

> Put way too simplisticly, the idea is that the fighters "use" considerable
> resources and should contribute to the SCA through membership.

	Ah.  I see.  Please, for my poor wit can not ennumerate them, what are
these 'considerable resources' that fighters consume that are recovered
by sending money to California?

> Another desirable side effect is to encourage, or mandate, that fighters
> have an opportunity to at least see what is going in the whole kingdom and
> the SCA through the Acorn and the TI.

> It is an open philosophical question whether the reduction in personal
> choices caused by "pay to fight" are offset by the benefit to the kingdom of
> having all authorized fighters be members.

	And what is this 'benefit to the kingdom' you mention here, if you please?

Anticipating enlightenment,
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