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Re: Ld. Kwellend

Poster: vnend%nudity@Princeton.EDU (David W. James)

> Poster: Logan <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>
> > But, rest assured, the Crown is unlikely to miss one more fat, old
> > fighter.

>Why with wars looming on both of Our borders this summer We would be
>overjoyed to see every fighter out supporting their kingdom, including
>those who are new to Our lands.  Please reconsider Lord Kwellend and
>come out to the field with Atlantia. 

	Your Highness, thank you for your attention and your kind words.  I
agree with you that the people of the SCA and the joys of the game are
certainly worth twice costs that the corporation asks.  However, sending
that money to California is a poor way to apply it, as things stand
today.  Giving that money to local groups results in a much better use
of the money for those people and in support of that game. 

	It is to be hoped that, sometime before we are much older, things will
change with the corporation, or with the laws of Atlantia, or someone
will find an arguement that changes my mind, and I will be able to count
Atlantia among the Kingdoms I have served on the Field.  For your
courtesy, it would be my great pleasure if that should happen at a time
when you are on the throne.

more than a little embarassed to see his name on a subject line...
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