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Re: Costs ( Just Facts and No Puns!)

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@vnet.net>

There was a time when I played Revolutionary War.  I was a fgree man of Colour with 
that organization.  People would pay several thousand dollars to play that Game.  The 
Bloody Muskets alone cost you nearly $500.00.  Then you would have to get a Uniform on 
top of that.  Never call them costumes!
  The SCA is some of the cheapest fun you get into.  I have never really had a problem 
with period Police.  Yopu have Period Gestapo with the Rev War people.   They both are 
alot of Fun.
  The travel in the SCA is alot shorter.  In Rev War, people would drive to Iowa and 
places from the Carolinas to play that Game.  It cost to much.
  Keep playing SCA.  1.  get a Membership  2. Get some Garb( Cheap Fabric is easy to 
find) 3.  Show up at Events   4. Have Fun    5.  Repeat Step 4 many times over!

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