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RE: Costs ( Just Facts and No Puns!)

Ahhhhh, your Highness, I so dearly love a man with a sense of humor.  Tis a blessing so seldom found in those of rank.


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Poster: Logan <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

Gregory Stapleton wrote:
.....s without his helm and he
> suffers from delirium?!?!  Oh, Baron Achbar, PUNish us, please?!?!
> Tounge vastly in cheek,
> Lord Gawain Kilgore ;}
> <oh, I fear I'm going to pay for this one...<VBG>>

Hey Gawain you know how I feel about Achbars puns!!!!  Now you had to 
encourage him didn't you!  Well we will talk about THAT next time your in 

Luv ya Achbar


DISCLAIMER: Before ANYONE jumps up and down with any sort of childish 
nonsense about how the Prince threaten a new fighter, let us get some 
facts down.  Both of these gentles are very good, personal friends of 
mine and THEY know that what I've said is humor.  Maybe you've heard of 
it? 8^)
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