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Re: What Benefits of Paid Membership

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> My mention of the Web page reminds me of another concern, also relating to 
> the benefits of membership.  It is my understanding that a new Red Tape 
> is available.  Further, I was given to understand that all paid members 
> were to recieve a copy of same (after all, it is just Kingdom Law).  
> Finally, I have been told that the Red Tape is _not_ being generally 
> distributed, and that one must attend a Kingdom Level Event to get a copy.

Or, you can photocopy your Seneschal's copy, or you can probably send
Rabah postage if you want him to mail it to you. Since most people use
the Red Tape to line their bird cages, it doesn't make sense to mail
it to everyone.  On the other hand, putting the Red Tape on the web
page didn't cost the Kingdom any money, and it might save it some
copying and postage costs.

But, if you want to know the straight poop, you can always ask the
Kingdom Chronicler.

> Does this not strike you as absurd?

Were I a resident of Meridies, I would wonder if mailing out their
kingdom laws was worth the copying and postage costs, yes.

Gregory Blount
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