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What Benefits of Paid Membership

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>


Yesterday you wrote:
> No, really!  How do you find out about events if you don't either get
> or know someone who gets the Acorn?
> How would you know who the leaders of neighboring groups are?  How
> would you know if they changed?  Do you truly believe that word-of-
> mouth is sufficient?

Well, in truth, I'd saunter over to the Atlantia Web Page, and look at the
calendar of events.  Perhaps too I'd attend local business meetings or
call our seneschale every once and again. 

My mention of the Web page reminds me of another concern, also relating to 
the benefits of membership.  It is my understanding that a new Red Tape 
is available.  Further, I was given to understand that all paid members 
were to recieve a copy of same (after all, it is just Kingdom Law).  
Finally, I have been told that the Red Tape is _not_ being generally 
distributed, and that one must attend a Kingdom Level Event to get a copy.

I've a friend in Atlantia who also recieves the Meridies Kingdom 
Newsletter.  He recieved a copy of MERIDES' red tape, but has yet to get 
a copy of the Laws of Atlantia, his KINGDOM OF RESIDENCE.  Does this not 
strike you as absurd?  Where are the benefits of Membership?



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