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Re: Disc: Pay-to-Fight

Poster: jsussman@cpcug.org (Jeffrey Sussman)

Greetings from Richard!

>> It is an open philosophical question whether the reduction in personal
>> choices caused by "pay to fight" are offset by the benefit to the kingdom of
>> having all authorized fighters be members.
>	And what is this 'benefit to the kingdom' you mention here, if you please?
>Anticipating enlightenment,

In my opinon, the kingdom newsletters are a very valuable resource.  Having
a larger number of people receive this newsletter increases communication
between the people running events, and less importantly the kingdom
officers, and the rest of the kingdom.  This is a benefit to the kingdom.
It is true, however, that newsletter subscriptions do not necessarily
require organization memberships.  

This is example of the multiple layers of these complex problems.  The
linkage of the subscription to the membership is a long standing SCA policy.
Requiring membership in order to be an authorized fighter, in Atlantia, is
predicated on this SCA policy.

Hoping that no one relies upon myself for enlightment,

p.s. It is commonly recognized that while all sports organizations must have
ways of ensuring that their activities are safe, that these regulations must
also NOT exclude training activities.  In particular, you don't have to be
an authorized fighter in order to learn and to train.  Fighters that are not
authorized may fight in a proper training environment.  I hope the meaning
of this is obvious to marshals and others running events and practices.

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