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Re: Disc: Pay-to-Fight

Poster: SWMyers@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-08 16:12:17 EDT, Tibor writes:

<< Couldn't be less true.  I am a frequent autocrat.  (With two events on the
 local calendar already scheduled for 1997.)  I assure you that the
 doesn't do bushwah for the local event organization, other than to, like
 lamprey, suck dollars out of my pocket.  I receive no assistance, and
 frequently I've received late-breaking annoying strictures, and been the
 beneficiary of lost or misfiled paperwork...
 I have been on the autocrating team for 13 events (if you include the two
 upcoming ones).  I have required the insurance three times.  I live in a
 metropolitan area, by the way.
 Once again: the facts so frequently cited in support of paying membership
 dues, simply don't have a good grounding in fact.  The per-event cost of
 insurance would be covered if ONLY ONE attendee donated a membership to the
 SCA Incorporated. >>

I can support these statements.... In the 50+ events I've autocratted over
the past twelve years, from local freebies all the way to Pennsic, I have had
to produce our proof of insurance only once.  And not once, thank God, have I
ever had to call upon it.  

I have never once allowed my membership to lapse in that twelve year period,
and *always* encourage others to actually join.  But I still don't like the
idea of forced membership.  Aside from my "on principle" objection to the
notion, it's also a shame when we see people forced, for economic reasons, to
try and thwart that same membership requirement.  Forcing people to, say, lie
about a family membership, only denigrates our goals of an honorable S.C.A.
 But even that "white lie" so often seen in the S.C.A. would be unnecessary
if membership weren't required.

The flip side is, why do we allow that same sort of deception just so that
people will be a card-carrying member?  I guess I'm just very torn about this
whole issue.  While I *want* to be a member, because it makes me feel as if I
am supporting something I feel is worthwhile, I respect the feelings of
others who don't feel that they should pay.

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