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American Pie (was Re: MR-Disc: Song copyright)

Poster: Tanner Lovelace <lovelace@netcom.com>


I realize this thread has already died off, but I was gone for the
weekend and just now got to it.  Also, just today a friend of mine
e-mailed me a really cool URL that I think might have some medieval
relevance.  It just so happens that a certain group of people have
taken it upon themselves to translate some modern songs into Latin,
one of which is American Pie.  I include it here as an example.  If
you wish to see more, go to http://www.execpc.com/~nexus/latin.html.

In service,

American Pie

Abhinc multos, multos annos
Memini adhuc
Quo modo illa musica faciebat me ridere
Et scivi si haberem meam casum
Possem facere illos hominos saltare
Et forsitan essent laeti brevi tempore
Sed Februarius fecit me horrere
Cum omne acta diurna trado
Mali nuntii in ianua
Non poteram facere unum plus passum
Non possum meminisci si lacrimavi
Cum legerem de nupta sine marita
Aliquid tetigit me intime
Illo die
Cum musica mortua esset.

Inceperunt cantare:
Vale, vale Domina America crusta
Vectus sum me carrum ad tumultus in flumine
sed tumultus in flumine erat aridus
Et boni antiqui pueri bibebant vinum et secale
Cantantes hoc futurum esse diem in quo ego moriae
diem in quo ego moriar.

(translated by Megan Cary)
I myself happen to be an R.E.M. fan and was delighted to learn
they have the words to "Stand" in latin...


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