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Poster: Logan <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose from His Royal Highness Logan,

I would like to say a few things regarding the current topic of 
discussion on the Atlantia List. The decision by Master Bran to post the 
personal email that the "anonymous" Knight sent him was both 
inappropriate and in poor taste. There are more expedite ways to address 
the problem, which I am sure His Excellency is aware of being as 
knowledgeable as he is about the workings of the SCA. If his posting was 
in error I hope he figures out very quickly what happened to avoid 
similar incidents in the future. Regardless, the issues discussed in the 
missive are issues that this Knight should have taken up with the 
fighters of this kingdom directly through the Chivalry. The other part of 
this Knight's missive referring to Me as a red-neck is his lack of tact. 

The friendly banter that I engage in with the wait staff at restaurants 
is simply that, banter. I recieved my certificate in Culinary Arts from 
Tennessee Technical College in West Palm Beach in 1987 amd worked in that 
industry until 1990. Having worked with wait staff for so long I know 
what its like for them to meet boring patrons time and time again and the 
fun and enjoyment that is received when they finally get one with 
personality that jokes around with them. When I joke around with the wait 
staff, about 90% of the time they happily join in the banter, 5% of the 
time they will ignore it, and the remaining 5% of the time the person 
does not appreciate the humor and my behavior stops immediately. 

The facts are simple, first of all the waitress at the Denny's was not in 
the least bit upset or irritated by our joking around. Secondly, the 
Crown Prince was not at the Denny's that Sunday afternoon, Derrick was. 
I was not in garb, not representing the SCA in any way shape or form, and 
was simply having brunch with some of my friends. It is really a shame 
when people get Logan and Derrick confused as one is only around on 48 
weekends and two weeks a year. Finally, if anyone had a concern with My 
behavior they should have made Me aware of it right away so that their 
misinterpretation of the situation could have been resolved immediately 
instead of allowing it to digress to the point of name calling (privately 
or not). Perhaps this type of joking around is not his cup of tea. I find 
it very ironic that the humorous bantering behavior he claims deems me a 
red-neck was learned growing up in Queens, NY. However, so far I have 
found that most of the populace seems to enjoy "having a Prince with a 
sense of humor for a change" (their words not Mine). As is evident by 
most of My postings on this very list, which are in the same vein of 
humor as the banterings I engage in with wait people, I try to include an 
element of lightheartedness in most things I do. I would hate to be 
overly serious about everything so that people would not misinterpret 
everything I do. 

If anyone would like clarification regarding My behavior toward wait 
staff at restaurants, please feel free to call Tonya at the Quincy's on 
Little Rock Road in Charlotte, NC. She gets a taste of my humor monthly 
at our local canton meetings. I know she feels that I have never abused 
her or shown her any disrespect. As a matter of fact, she smiles whenever 
I come in the front door. If you do not feel comfortable calling someone 
outside the SCA ask anyone who has ever been to dinner with Me. I think 
you will be hard pressed to find anybody who says I have ever abused a 
member of any wait staff. I think that they will tell you instead that I 
am attempting to add levity to the situation. I encourage all of you to 
be careful not to start believing everything that you hear or read as 
truth without the slightest investigation as to what the facts truly are. 
That is very irresponsible.  Think things through before you set your 
emotions running toward a bandwagon or soapbox. Gossip and rumors are for 
little children at school on the playground. 

Still smiling (even though not as a red-neck with a toothless grin on the 
porch with Granny and Elly Mae) and serving Atlantia and all Her people


p.s. all you red-necks out there including My housebrother Seamus, don't 
get your shotguns out, I'm only having fun with My new title of "red-neck 
from da hills of Queens".
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