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Re: MR: Disc: Saber es poder

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

Alfredo el Bufon escribido:
  May I suggest that you are simply wrong in every particular?

Mister Bufon,

  Thank you for your submission to our magazine, "The Tiborite Gospels".
  As you know, "The Tiborite Gospels" are dedicated to searching out
  the finest in unsplit hairs and minor philosophical points, and
  holding them up for public scrutiny and vociferous debate.

  As the largest volume publisher of such minutiae in the Known World,
  "The Tiborite Gospels" are the subject of intense scrutiny, and receive
  unparalleled numbers of unsolicited comments and suggestions, from
  every corner of the paradise that is the Known World.

  This heavy workload means that we cannot accept unsolicited submissions
  or suggestions, no matter how comprehensive, or slight.  Therefore,
  with regret, we must decline your suggestion.

  Please consider submitting your suggestion to one of competitors, and
  we wish you luck in getting it accepted.  Once you have a track record
  of successful submissions, please feel free to write for our
  complimentary Correctional Standards guide, and to apply for an
  invitation to join the illustrious commentators and hair-splitters
  that make up the writing staff of "The Tiborite Gospels".

  No replies to this form letter will be considered.  Thank you again
  for your time.

	A. N. Gelsdance, Editor-in-chief, "The Tiborite Gospels".

<Do be do be doooo, do do be do beeee...>
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