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Re: Disc: Bran's, um, faux pas

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Lord Martin Lochner asks me:

> Nor does it surprise me that you would make sucha personal attack on 
> this forum. Don't you have the courage or the courtesy to save your 
> personal attacks until you see the victim in person?

When would I ever see Duke Michael of Bedford.  I've had maybe one short 
conversation with his Grace, exchanged blows with him once (I hit him in 
the head, he hit me in the calf), and observed him on a few occasions.

As Lord Konrad points out, Conventions of Combat IV.A.1 specify what 
armour fighters are supposed to presume they are wearing.  It does not 
give anyone license to declare themselves as wearing plate rather then 
mail and leather.

If, as I said, IF Duke Michael tells this to his squires, I would not be 
surprised.  It would not be the first rule His Grace has declared not 
applicable to his household, if the words of a Court Baron can be taken 
as true.

In Service
Leifr Johansson

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