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Re: constructive solutions

Poster: michael.f.dullaghan@adn.alcatel.com (Mike Dullaghan)

> Alfredo suggested:
> > > I propose a second device be constructed for delivering blows.
> > > It could be calibrated by setting it up with the Bowling Ball test.
> > > Then it could be used as a teaching device.
> Gregory ripostes:
> > This second device could be a human being. I might note that the
> > Rapier community actually does it this way; they calibrate frequently
> > during the day by touching each other.
Virgil replies:
>   But then again, the Rapier community does not engage in melees (at 
> least that I've noticed), much less major field battles where you 
> (hopefully) engage many different opponents.

Actually, the rapier people do engage in melees, as well as
one-on-many scenarios like "capture the brigand".

The big advanage the rapier community has is that there is a simple,
objective standard for the amount of force required.

"A Valid Blow is any thrust with positive force towards the opponent
in line with the blade or any draw cut using at least 12" (about 1/3)
of the blade"

In practice, positive force is usually judged by being enough force to
cause a standard foil blade to bend at least 3" off line.

My knees have forced me to be an inactive rapier fighter for a while
now, I trust any errors on my part will soon be corrected by active

Lord Michael the Eclectic, House Falconguard, 
                           Barony of Ponte Alto, Kingdom of Atlantia 
Vert, on an inverted chevron or, a reremouse(bat) displayed sable 
Armed man = citizen.  Unarmed man = subject. 
Of course these are MY opinions! Whattya think, my EMPLOYER 
could've thought this stuff up? 
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