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Re: Re[2]- constructive sol

Poster: "Lynn Pawelka" <lynn_pawelka@server.hort.ncsu.edu>

                      RE>>Re[2]: constructive solutions            7/11/96

So spake THL Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir:

>   Where I have had a problem is with archers and I am working on it.  

This is a problem you share with many, Your Lordship. It was much more of a
problem with the golf tubes, but it still exists the the new arrows. (Even
though they pack =considerably= more of a whallop!) As the lady of an archer,
I've experienced the frustration of seeing good solid arrow hits go unnoticed.
I've also experienced the frustration of the archer. ;-)

> remember to be conscientious about them, [...].
This is the key. Although I understand how, in the heat of battle, one's
concentration is on the big guy swinging a stick at one's head.


Lynn Pawelka
Dept. Hort. Science
N.C. State University

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