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Re: Atlantia's Combat Archers - How to help

Poster: "Eric Jon Campbell" <ejcampbe@eos.ncsu.edu>

> In a conversation with Lord Stephan and those incredibly deadly ladies, the
> financial drain is becoming a factor in deciding when they can do events.  He
> shared with me, as he wouldn't complain publicly, that the cost to them as
> individuals can be as high as $30 or more an event in extra costs not
> directly associated with armoring.  In other words, we heavies
> "accidently" destroy quite a few arrows during the melees and they have to be
> replaced, or leave them without arrows to shoot to protect my fat tail and
> make Atlantia the well rounded fighting force and source of dread that we
> most certainly are.
> It has been proposed that the heavies help support them financially in some
> manner, yet there were many valid arguments against and for that.  With this
> in mind, perhaps we could discuss this here at the Rose and even concoct a
> decent proposal for a solution.
> IMHO, I think a voluntary collection at the events and funneled to the
> Marshall or Warlord would be great.  Even if it happened at the baronial
> level.
> What say you?

Just my thoughts but what would make sense to me would be
1) Get the archers organized so that they can buy the parts they need in BULK
      and thus save cash
2) develop easier and interchangeable arrow parts
  ex if the head  arrow A is busted but the shaft is fine
      and the shaft is broken on arrow B but the head is fine
     add head B to shaft A
3)Develop a war cache where we donate materials we find that can be used for
SCA    military purposes.   Sort of a raw material cache.  Somebody buys too
many pickle barrles, has half a street sign left over, has some dowel rods left
over from work, just needs to unload some scraps they aren't going to use but
are usefull, etc...
A list of stuff could be posted or circulated among the cantons.

Just my thoughts as always

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Eric Jon Campbell Graduating <and employable;)> Textile Engineering at NCSU
(alias) Xavier Campbell amateur blacksmith and brewer
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