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RE: Atlantia's Combat Archers - How to help

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

>As my lord, Luigi Santini, is one of the archers spending his money at the
>Wars, I thought I might offer an alternative suggestion.
>Many of materials needed to make the combat arrows are what many heavy
>fighters would consider to be scraps. Perhaps they could save and gift this
>items to archers. I'm sure Michael Ryan of York and some of the others
>involved in teaching combat archery would be happy to list off what these
>are. Any archer would be delighted and pleased to have a heavy fighter show
>their appreciation in this way.
>Off the top of my head:
>2" squares of leather
>Pipe insulation
>Clear packaging tape (it is a particular kind - need help on this one)
>Duct Tape (go figure)
Wooden arrows with the tips cut off (can't remember specs on this one)
>Just a thought....
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