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Re: Atlantia's Combat Archers - How to help

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

David H Ritterskamp wrote:
> Poster: "David H Ritterskamp" <dhritter@dpcmail.dukepower.com>
> Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>
> It has been proposed that the heavies help support them financially in some
> manner, yet there were many valid arguments against and for that.  With this
> in mind, perhaps we could discuss this here at the Rose and even concoct a
> decent proposal for a solution.
> IMHO, I think a voluntary collection at the events and funneled to the
> Marshall or Warlord would be great.  Even if it happened at the baronial
> level.
> What say you?
> Wasalaam!!
> Falcone
>         [Remainder chopped-]
>         [Actually, Falcone, if you'll ask the archers, you'll find that there IS
>         a cheap alternative to more wooden shafts; I came up with the Thumper a
>         couple of years ago and have intermittently been trying to spread the
>         news of its usefulness as the mood moved me.
>         I know they don't fly as fast, nor QUITE as straight, [although they are
>         amazingly straight for golf club tubes] but they're CHEAP, easy to
>         produce, and when one of these little suckers hits you, there's no
>         doubt, as it also makes a wonderful "PONG" noise when it hits metal, and
>         a "SMACK!" that you can't mistake when it hits anything else.
>         OK, OK...so it's a blatant plug for the arrows I came up with.  But it
>         IS an alternative.  Especially for static battles...      The THUMPERS  work EXTREMELY well.    I like them.  They are cheap 
and hit hard as the Dickens.  More archers should use them.

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