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Re: heartache....Reply

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.Virginia.EDU>

   As one who spoke out a couple of days ago in favor of openness in
the handling of this matter, it's my turn to expend a little bandwidth
to say "Hear, hear!  Well said!" and express my thanks as well.


> Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>
> Unto William The Stout, Atlantian Kingdom Earl Marshall,
>         I, for one, truly appreciate the facts that you have presented.
> After reading the note from Master Bran, I wished to know the facts relating
> to this alleged incident.  Not having attended the event, I did not have
> first hand knowledge of the alleged incidents.  However, I have seen, in
> many other organizations, where the powers-that-be are accused of some kind
> of impropriety, and the allegations are kept quiet in such a way that the
> majority of members do not know the outcome of any "investigation."
>         In a kingdom as great as Atlantia, I did not want to see this
> happen.  This is why my Lady Wife and I urged HRM/HRH to investigate and
> report to the kingdom populace.  In my mind, the names of the individuals is
> nowhere near as important as the knowledge that the situation has been
> investigated and the outcome reported to all who may be affected, however
> peripherally.  As a subject of Atlantia, I am impacted by any allegation of
> impropriety by another member of this kingdom.
>         Again, I thank you for the report and urge you to report further
> after the situation has been resolved to the satisfaction of our opponents
> in Trimaris and our monarchs themselves.
> Ld Ivan Borisovish Volchevo Lesa
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