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Re: heartache....Reply

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

Unto William The Stout, Atlantian Kingdom Earl Marshall,

        I, for one, truly appreciate the facts that you have presented.
After reading the note from Master Bran, I wished to know the facts relating
to this alleged incident.  Not having attended the event, I did not have
first hand knowledge of the alleged incidents.  However, I have seen, in
many other organizations, where the powers-that-be are accused of some kind
of impropriety, and the allegations are kept quiet in such a way that the
majority of members do not know the outcome of any "investigation."

        In a kingdom as great as Atlantia, I did not want to see this
happen.  This is why my Lady Wife and I urged HRM/HRH to investigate and
report to the kingdom populace.  In my mind, the names of the individuals is
nowhere near as important as the knowledge that the situation has been
investigated and the outcome reported to all who may be affected, however
peripherally.  As a subject of Atlantia, I am impacted by any allegation of
impropriety by another member of this kingdom.

        Again, I thank you for the report and urge you to report further
after the situation has been resolved to the satisfaction of our opponents
in Trimaris and our monarchs themselves.

Ld Ivan Borisovish Volchevo Lesa

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