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I don't get it? :)

Poster: James Morrow <achbar@vnet.net>

At 09:09 PM 7/11/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>
>James Morrow wrote:
>> Poster: James Morrow <achbar@vnet.net>
>> Achbar@worldnet.att.net
>Just love that new address, Achbar!!
>(Actually, WorldNet's ramp up is why you don't see me as often as you used 
  Is this good or bad?  They offer a cheaper and better service Than Vnet
here in Charlotte, NC.   Vnet really sucks as far as I am concerned.  I
thoiught that I would go to either Charlotte.com or Worldnet.  I decided on
   Web pages!  I woulkd like to ride the Web Pages.  If you have them, ,may
I have the address Please?   I hit the SCA web page and liked it alot.


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