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Re: Cinnamon?

Poster: Catmuse@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-11 20:21:41 EDT, you write:

>Poster: The Davidsons <paradox@ns.gamewood.net>
>Advice from a very humble bard to HRH Logan:
>Alas Your Royal Highness, is your tongue sore lacking spryness?
>Are you much in need of synonym for that dread spice of "cinnamon", 
>For that delicious "canel", that you might misspeak as "camel"?
>Perhaps it would be classier if you would call it "cassia",
>But if you think you'd mess up - why cover it in ketchup!
>For we all know that necks of gules, are naught but culinary fools...
>I realize this verse is unsavory, but I just got caraway with it. I mint to
>tread gingerly, but twas thyme to stop dillydallying on the RoseMerry and
>pepper you with sage advice. (Help, Achbar, my mouth is running amuck!)
>Pray forgive me, Your Highness - ye must understand that the pun center
>bears a striking resemblance to the tail of a cat - both are autonomous of
>the brains of the owner...  Your abject subject, Rosalind

I am in awe, somebody, anybody, get me a glass of water!
<I JUST LOVE it when she does this, make her do it more, somebody....>

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