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Re: heartache and reactions

Poster: MarsaliFox@aol.com

Unto all at the Merry Rose

<< What if it were custom to have a debriefing(??) Marshall? After each and
 Atlantian tourney match, both fighters would walk off the field and over to
 Marshall. The Marshall asks each in turn whatever the Marshallate decides 
 should be asked at this time. >>

Pardon my presumption, I am from a foreign realm, but is not fighter practice
(both official, household, and knight/squires) the place for this?  Albeit it
has been several years since I bore arms, but I can remember the subject of
blow calling and other related matters of chivalrous conduct regularly
discussed, demonstrated and reinforced at every practice I attended.  I also
recall that we instuted an annual college devoted to technical skills,
calibration, and the deportment of fighters (especially those with
aspirations of knighthood) on and off the field.

As a knight's lady, I also paid special attention to fighters' prowess and
behavior.  I advised my knight's squires and their ladies/lords about the
topics that are now so heavily discussed on the Merry Rose in reaction to
criticism.  If I saw an exemplary action by any combatant I made sure my lord
knew of it, and at a minimum, I made a specific compliment to the deserving
combatant and often bestowed small personal token to that fighter (or the
person for whom they fought) to let him/her know that someone is watching and
that we appreciate how their action enhanced an event and that it reflects
well of the society as a whole.

Marsali Fox
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