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Well said Your Grace :)

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

Jeffrey Sussman wrote:
> I'm going to pick on Achbar, I think, just because I have a high opinon of him.

   Thanks Your Grace.  I really appreciate it  :)


< Snipped a Bit for this Message>
> If each fighter who feels that the required power levels are too high were
> to drop their own level a notch there would a dramatic change very quickly.
> This is harder the longer you've been fighting.  Personally, I'm working on
> dropping my level a notch right now.  Not because I thought there was
> anything wrong with where I was, but rather to make a statement about
> general levels.      
> Acknowledgement is a combat skill.  It takes practice, effort and continuing
> feedback to refine.  No single skill failure, rebuke, catch phrase, clever
> saying, or appeal to courtesy will make anyone into an acknowledgement expert.
> Definition: Acknowledgement expert is someone who calls blows very
> consistently and at a level at, or slightly below, the consensus norm for
> acknowledgement.  (I just thought this up, what do you think?).
> Richard Fitzgilbert  
  Putting the exact thoughts into words is difficlut for me.  I will say this.  I will 
do my best to encourage Acknowledgement on a local Fighter practice level.  This is the 
sort of this the HRH Logan does at each and every fighter practice.  I don't do it as 
much.  Often I hear" Damuth, How about that leg Shot", " Johnathan, How about that 
   I have seen new fighteres become discouraged.  This is what botheres me the most.  We 
need as many fighters as we can get.  We need as many people as we can get for that 
  Your Grace, thanks for your words of wisdom.

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