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MR: Query: Fabric Stores in No. Atlantia

Poster: Lance Day <lday@access.digex.net>

Greetings to all from Uryene, who has a simple question...

Does anyone know of a fabric store in Northern Atlantia
that sells cotton velveteen at a reasonable price (or at all,
for that matter) and where it can be inspected visually
before buying?

I've been to JoAnn's, Minnesota Fabrics, Blanks and even 
The Fabric Warehouse in Baltimore; all with no luck.

The saleswoman at Blank's did offer to special-order some 
for me... providing that I bought at least 10 yards(!) and paid
for it up front.

Given the minimum quantity and the fact that (these days) 
'green' could fall anywhere from a rich forest green to 
a hideous fluorescent lime-green; I declined the offer.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!


P.S. For anyone interested, The Fabric Warehouse is having a sale
on 'Sunbrella' outdoor canvas in colors ranging from pleasant to
eye-wrenching for $4.99/yd.  Also, slubbed satin for $1.75/yd...
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