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Re: MR: Query: Fabric Stores in No. Atlantia

Poster: Nancy Kristina Dalton <nancykd@wam.umd.edu>

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Sallie Montuori wrote:

> > Poster: Lance Day <lday@access.digex.net>
> > Does anyone know of a fabric store in Northern Atlantia
> > that sells cotton velveteen at a reasonable price (or at all,
> > for that matter) and where it can be inspected visually
> > before buying?
> Did you try G Street Fabrics?  There's one in Centreville, VA, and one
> in Rockville, MD.

::grin::I do believe he requested a store with a reasonable price. 
Seriously though, try Wal-Mart's fabric section.  I've found velveteen 
there for about $5/yard, usually in the fall.  It may not be top 
quality, but it's affordable.

Nancy Dalton
aka Earnwynn van Zwaluwenburg

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