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Re: heartache

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@tiber.ed.umuc.edu>

> Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>
> >    Another thing the East was pissed off about is the way that Atlantian's
> > rub their noses in the fact that they lose the pointless war.  Now I was at
> > the last two and I can tell you that there are Atlantians who are poor
> > winners, instead of saying that it was a good fight and a lot of fun, they
> > would say ha ha we kicked your ass.
> This is really sad, given that the Pointless War was always supposed
> to be a friendly contest, and the name was picked to reflect
> that. Sounds like we could use more reminders of this among the
> populace -- and we all can help. At the next Pointless, or any
> conflict, please be sure to put your 2 cents in if you see anyone
> being a bad winner or a bad loser.

Actually, I would be interested in learning who in 'the East' is/was 
pissed off about Pointless War.  I know several Knights, Royal Peers, etc. 
in the East and all of those that I spoke with were quite pleased with
the low intensity, kicked-back nature of the fighting at Pointless.  

I would not start composing a dirge for all out inter-kingdom events just 
yet.  Certainly, in the press of a melee, someone might have a bad go of 
it and feel put upon.  But, these things just happen.  We should take care 
to avoid them whenever possible.  And we should take responsibilty for our 
own actions when they occur, but they will occur.  And, after the 
fighting, we should endevor to meet and talk to as many of our friends 
from the East as possible (or whoever our opponents were).  After all, 
they did travel hours just so we could kill.., er, I mean, join them in 
honorable combat.  And the same is true of us from their perspective.

I think most of these 'impressions' are the result of lack of communication 
between the fighters of each side.  Each fighter should voluntarily seek 
out any fighter that they had a problem with during the fighting (or any 
fighter they think might have had a problem with *them* or, any fighter 
who did something cool -- remember positive feedback is good too!) and 
soon as the fighting ends, while everything is fresh.

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