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Re: Re[2]: Battle Poetry

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

       Although I agree with the good Baron Corun that to watch Lady Susannah 
       Grey is to watch grace and gentility in action, I fear that his 
       message (appended below only because my mail reader isn't cooperating) 
       may tend to feed the fallacy that you have to speak medieval French or 
       do something else outside the reach of ordinary mortals to be 
       courteous.  It's not so.  You can be courteous and courtly, which is a 
       different thing altogether, in plain English just as well.

Melisande is right.  For example, consider this language (which closely
paraphrases what I heard at last Pennsic's Pas des Sept Trevaux) and which was
published in my local newsletter:

    "Most redoubted Sir Knight.  Long have I traveled in the hope of
    entering the lists with so eminent a combatant such as yourself.
    Let us, therefor, stand forth manfully: not out of any malice, but
    that good exercise of arms might be had, and the ladies suitably

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