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Re: Disc: What is a knight?

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU> 
> Mistress Deirdre writes: 
>   Lord Leifr challenges me to name those knights I hold as exemplars 
>   of chivalry.  Much as I might wish to give praise, yet I will decline 
>   to do so in this forum.  There are many worthy knights in Atlantia 
>   and elsewhere who are unknown to me.  I will not offer them any 
>   insult by failing to name them. 
> Miriam Rachael 
>   Perhaps the most gracious way to name knights as exemplars would be 
>   to point out particular qualities, and then give examples of 
>   instances in which particular knights have demonstrated them.  Thus, 
>   it is merely an illustrative exercise, generally helpful without 
>   being considered hurtful or exclusionary. 
> I'm confused.  How is praising someone somehow blameworthy?  Has 
> courtesy become so Machiavellian that we dare not speak well of 
> people?  If true, how sad... 
> 	Tibor (I'm glad to praise the good...) 
> ======================================================================= 
I'faith, my Lord, 'tis merely that we wish not to imply that only the knights 
mentioned are chivalrous to the exclusion of others.  I think it would be 
helpful to mention instances of courtesy we have seen not only as a means of 
praise, but to illustrate the principles involved so that newcomers may 
benefit, and to raise our spirits after this deluge of despair over the 
current state of our kingdom's reputation.

In terms of knights who practice not only the arts martial but the arts gentle 
as well, I think of Sir TJ and his wonderful cooking (I always try not to miss 
a feast he cooks), Sir Daffydd and his pursuit of games (something I 
particularly enjoy as the autocrat of the first games tourney in the Kingdom 
of Atlantia), or Sir Tnek and his pursuit of heraldry.  It is always good to 
remember that some of our most respected knights are well-rounded in their 
approach to the Society.
After all, if there isn't a tourney or one gets rained out, one must find 
other ways to pass the time, and the arts provide one with a pleasant means.

Perhaps other gentles could provide examples of particular moments when 
courtesy was shown by members of the chivalry.....

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