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Sea Raids 1996

Poster: Joe <joebainc@digital.net>

Hello folks,			July 17, 1996

	I recently received a forwarded message that indicated a problem 
developing between some people in my Kingdom (Trimaris) and and some 
people in Atlantia.
	I for one enjoy Sea Raids and my Atlantian friends.  I would 
like to see the war and the friendships continue.
	I would like to open a discussion with anyone who has a similar 
	I am NOT interested in name calling and screaming, who did what 
first, or my ego is bigger than yours type of messages.  
	I AM interested in open, straight forward, public discussion 
that is aimed at repairing friendships.

	I am sending this message to the email addresses that I found in 
the forwarded message.  Hopefully someone will be able to reply to me 
with corrected addresses if these are not correct.

in the SCA I am: 
	Sir Seosaidh, Earl Blacksword, from Trimaris

email:  joebainc@digital.net

For those who prefer to write or call rather than email, here is my 
	Joseph Latta
	11717  SW 99 AV
	Gainesville, FL 32608
	Phone: 352/ 495-9967

Thank you,
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