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Re: MR: INFO: Query: Flame Retardant stuff

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

>> Miriam Rachael wrote: 
>> >something to flame retard a canvas tent...does anyone 
>> >have other ideas on where to look? 
>> > 
Alanna responded:
>> No matter what you find or use, dear lady, please, DO NOT take any sort 
>> of live flame into your tent.  Perhaps you were not at Pointless II, when a
>>merchant's tent went up in flames due to an untended lantern. 
And Meli the Ever-Tenderhearted asked:
>	As to the gentles who lost their stuff and a goodly portion of their 
>livelihood, I hope all is well with them!  Alanna, do you know if they are 
>okay, and whether there is any need with which we could assist them?
>	Atlantians Sticking Together and Helping their Neighbors!  It has a 
>lovely ring to it ....  :-)

This was almost two years ago.  I don't know anything more about the poor
souls, (I think they may have been  Easterners) but a collection was taken
for them at the time. 

Helping each other does have a lovely ring to it, as we have seen over and
over -- when hurricanes strike Trimaris, floods drown Calontir, or Atlantia
loses one of Her own to the Fourth Horseman.  SCAdians Sticking Together --


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