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Re: MR: INFO: Query: Flame Retardant stuff

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Miriam Rachael wrote: 
> >I've gone through the phone book under awnings, tents, and 
> >fireproofing, and called most of the listings, but can't find one 
> >that carries something to flame retard a canvas tent...does anyone 
> >have other ideas on where to look? 
> > 
> >Miri 
> No matter what you find or use, dear lady, please, DO NOT take any sort 
> of live flame into your tent.  Perhaps you were not at Pointless II, 
> when a merchant's tent went up in flames due to an untended 
> lantern.  Those who were there can describe it very vividly.  (Will 
> some gentle oblige?  I had gone back home for the night.) 
> As I recall, nobody was seriously harmed, but the merchant lost 
> almost everything - tent, stock, personal gear, etc.  Security managed 
> to keep it from spreading, but they and a number of other gentles 
> didn't get much more sleep that night... 
>  Alanna Volchevo 

Worry not my Lady!  I was at the Pennsic many years ago when a nylon tent went 
up so fast no one had time to even draw in breath before it was gone.....I 
have seen a variety of incidents, and am very cautious!  See Meli's post...she 
has put it well....


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