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Re: What's the Point(less)?

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> > What I would propose, instead of burning up stuff / destroying it, 
> > we could have an event, centrally located, and invite the 
> > surrounding Kingdoms.  There could be all the heavy fighting 
> > anyone could want, though that would not be the main focus of the 
> > event.  I envision each Kingdom setting up a camp and throwing a 
> > party, for lack of a better description, with food, drink 
> > and entertainment,  and presenting the other Kingdoms with gifts.  
> > This would not necessarily be restricted to the crowns, though it 
> > could be done this way.  The populace could be involved in this 
> > gifting as well.  The Kingdom which displayed the greatest 
> > hospitality, friendliness, and generosity would be the winner. 
> > Comments?    This sounds like a Great idea to me.  Maybe we could 
> > do this with all of our 
> surrounding Kingdoms.  Maybe HRH  would like to try this? 
>    There are going to be problems with this sort of thing.   It will 
> take Planning and people willing to do it. 
> Achbar 

Actually, it could also be turned into the most marvellous A&S free-for-all 
ever!!  Just think -- people vying to create the most beautiful things 
possible, in hopes of catching the eye of their own monarchs firstly, who 
might then choose the item as part of the trove to be given away to other 
kingdoms! All in the name of making it possible for one's own kingdom to be 
named the most generous, most hospitable, most friendly .... 

What a great way it would be, to foster good border relations and have a good 
time, and make or do neat new stuff, all at the same time!!!

But yes, it would take a lot of planning .... 

But we could do it ....

It's worth a dream, isn't it?


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