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Re: MR: INFO: Query: Flame Retardant stuff

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> Miriam Rachael wrote: 
> >I've gone through the phone book under awnings, tents, and 
> >fireproofing, and called most of the listings, but can't find one 
> >that carries something to flame retard a canvas tent...does anyone 
> >have other ideas on where to look? 
> > 
> >Miri 
> No matter what you find or use, dear lady, please, DO NOT take any sort 
> of live flame into your tent.  


Greetings, O Alanna!

	I applaud you for this cautionary tale, for we can all use the 
occasional reminder that Flame is Not Always Your Friend (tm).    Especially 
as Pennsic approacheth (can it really be only 16 days til Land Grab????), we 
need to keep in mind that careful use of fire is a benefit, but a small mis-
step can turn into a major tragedy.

	However, I think Miriam is looking for a means to protect her nearly-
done and amazingly beautiful Viking tent from the very sort of incident to 
which you refer.  It would be a shame for all the work she and others have put 
into this shelter to be lost in a fire; to that end, she seeks the means to 
fire-proof the canvas, now that it is assembled and about to be painted.

	It looks as if Kinetic Artistry, in Takoma Park, MD may be the one 
place where flame-retardants can be gotten that are applied after the fact of 
construction, should anyone be looking for a similar safety precaution.

	As to the gentles who lost their stuff and a goodly portion of their 
livelihood, I hope all is well with them!  Alanna, do you know if they are 
okay, and whether there is any need with which we could assist them?

	Atlantians Sticking Together and Helping their Neighbors!  It has a 
lovely ring to it ....  :-)


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