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InterKingdom Potlach ....

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com> 
> OH!  I like the way you think!!!   A most WONDERFUL suggestion, 
> Mi'lady Meli. <VBG>  I LOVE IT! 
> Can we do it?  YES WE CAN!!!  Please, huh, pretty please?  This would 
> be fun! ;) 
> Gawain 
> >Actually, it could also be turned into the most marvellous A&
> >S free-for-all ever!!  Just think -- people vying to create the 
> >most beautiful things possible, in hopes of catching the eye of their 
> >own monarchs firstly, who might then choose the item as part of the 
> >trove to be given away to other kingdoms! All in the name of making 
> >it possible for one's own kingdom to be named the most generous, 
> >most hospitable, most friendly .... 
> > 
> >What a great way it would be, to foster good border relations and have 
> >a good time, and make or do neat new stuff, all at the same time!!! 

I sense a mandate beginning here ....  :-)

Because I am a bear of very little brain but much willingness to be helpful, 
have fun, and be spiff all in one swell foop, I would love to be involved in 
this!  However, in all my long years of playing in and out of the SCA, I have 
never yet run an event or coordinated anything larger than shire A&S meetings, 
dish-washing sessions, and the like.  Is there anyone who could coordinate 

What's involved in this?  Well, a date (far enough away to make it really 
tenable, but not far off enough to have enthusiasm wane), and a midpoint site; 
coordinating between kingdoms -- us, East, Meridies, Middle? -- and pre-event 
Events in each Kingdom, where the Royals could see the A&S stuff and make 
their choices, perhaps assisted by a panel of Laurels & A&S officers ....

Banners, chests, flagons, table linens, jewellry, various potables, pieces of 
armor, weapons of all sorts, sun shades, toys, poetry, scrolls (what Kingdom 
would not be delighted to clean up a scroll-giving backlog in the receipt of 
such a gift!) .... articles of clothing, feast gear, books of recipes, hand-
made books, fishing apparatus, music and musical instruments!  Regalia!  My 
Lord, the list is endless!! 

Hmm.  This could happen .... this could be -- staggeringly period and 
magnificently filial!

Oh, I hope we could pull this off .... does anyone else have any thoughts?

(BTW, milord Gawain, thank you for the kind words! <Smile>)

Meli the Hopeful

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