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Lego's Anyone?

Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com

Greetings faire patrons!

Does anyone, by any chance, collect the castle series of the legos? I have a
number of the castles and their complementary structures. As well as a lot of
"free design" legos. Unfortunatly, we <ok, the kids>, seem to have misplaced
the instructions on putting together ALL of them! <sigh> And I desire to have
them put back into their original configuration... seems the last "war" my
children and I staged were a little TOO tough on a couple of them.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there who has these structures, I would
appreciate if you could get me a copy of the instructions... my children will
appreciate it! And so will I! As soon as I find a catalog, I can figure out
what the set numbers are... like the Black Knight's Castle, etc.


In service to Crown and Kingdom,

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