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Atlantia and a small challenge

Poster: "Toscano, James" <James.Toscano@den.mmc.com>

Good Morning to all my Dear Friends of the Merry Rose.

A challenge, For every posting on this net WRITE SOMETHING GOOD about the 

I have been very distressed lately about what has been happening on the 
Rose.  I continually read this is bad that is wrong etc...  What happened to 
the good things...

Folks initially I wanted post and explain if you don't like I95 runs both 
ways.  However that is stupid and counter productive.  We all thumped Leifr 
for trying to do a good deed.  I even wrote not nasty but certainly not 
polite.  Folks this is wrong.

Mama always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. 
 Don't try and hide it as fixing something, because were not.  If you 
wouldn't say it to someones face, then don't write it. However, there are 
things wrong that need fixed.  Well lets fix em, the right way.  With 
courtesy, courage, discretion and above all as a team.


We have a University that for all of its problems provides education that 
most people would not get.
We have a heavy program that is overall excellent.
We have a rapier program that is in it ascendency.
We have an arts program that is exceptional in its depth:  armor, music, 
clothing, leather, brewing, smithing, jewelry, the list goes on and on.
Atlantian chirugeon are welcome across the known world.
An excellent and working childrens program.
Most importantly ourselves with the strength to make this work for everyones 

Admittedly I am a Nationalistic, Monarchist, that is the game we play.  We 
have spent tremendous energy tearing this kingdom down, I challenge each and 
everyone of you to build it back up.

In the end I consider it an honor to be where and what I am.  I would live 
in no other place given a choice.  Will we as a kingdom say nothing but 

If you find this post offensive, please accept my universal challenge. 
Where, when and with what you will.  I am atlantian by god and I have 
learned those things that are important.

Honor, courtesy, chivalry, are not dead in the modern middle ages....

Prove it.

THL Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze
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