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Re: Atlantia and a small challenge

Poster: Orion26@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-19 09:48:16 EDT, you write:

<< Honor, courtesy, chivalry, are not dead in the modern middle ages....
 Prove it.
 THL Giacomo Vincenti di Firenze >>

Being brande new to this area and the SCA in specific, I have many positive
things to say about the people and organizations in the area.  Every person I
spoke to was not only gracious and kind to me, but willing to take the time
to explain things I did not understand, and make me feel welcome in general.
 For all the negative things I have heard about the SCAdians in this area, I
have not found one person that lives up(down) to these acusations.  Either my
luck has been very good in this regard, or the number of kind gentles
outweighs the "bad" by a large margin.

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