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Tournaments Illustrated Needs Help

Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com

Greetings Faire patrons,

I thought perchance, one of the readers on this list might like to become the
Atlantian representative... read on!

The following ad has appeared in Pikestaff and the Summer issue
of Tournaments Illuminated:


The editor of Tournaments Illuminated (the quarterly magazine of the
Society) is looking for volunteers to help solicit articles for

The goal is to build a staff of field correspondents composed of at least
one person from each kingdom and principality.  Their job would be to seek
out people in their kingdoms who have experience in the arts and sciences,
research, organizational efforts, SCA history, or other areas of interest,
and to encourage them to write articles for TI.  This is planned to be an
ongoing effort, to insure that future TI editors will always have a
sufficient pool of articles to draw from.  This is not intended to become
the only access to TI; authors are still encouraged to send unsolicited
articles directly to the editor.

Applicants should be reasonably active in their kingdom/principality, and
should feel comfortable approaching Society members (including members of
the peerages and the kingdom arts and sciences orders) to ask for articles
or recommendations of likely people to talk to. They should have good
communications skills and be able to work tactfully with prospective
authors. They should have some acquaintance with the various arts and
skills practiced in the SCA, so that they can make an initial
determination of the quality of the articles.

If you are interested in applying, please send a brief resume of your
experience in the SCA, along with any other relevant information (such
as journalistic, editorial, or job-related experience) to the TI
Assistant Editor, Baroness Jessa d'Avondale: Marla Lecin, 362 Cherry
Avenue, Bound Brook, NJ 08805; e-mail: mlecin@mcimail.com.


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