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Re: Cool Things About Atlantia

Poster: AdamofErin@aol.com

There are many cool things about Atlantia, but at the moment we were focused
on an important un-cool thing about Atlantia.  I do agree that we need to
correct the problem instead of griping about it.
The cool things about Atlantia that stick out in my mind is the willingness
of good people to share their knowledge.  I noticed that in this Kingdom
people will share their knowledge and not expect anything in return, that to
me is a very kind and noble thing to do.  Please remember that my shire is
nestled between 2 East Kingdom shires.  
Atlantia is a good and noble Kingdom and only when but our minds and hearts
to it.  Just remember that when something bad appears, we will all sit around
the fire, either at an event or in the Merry Rose and complain for a little
while, then we will get off our duffs and  try to fix the problem at hand.
 That is one thing that I like about Atlantia.


Lord Adam
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