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Poster: alairia@juno.com (L. Z. Morgan)

Greetings One and All!

Well, those of you who were there know that Coronation was a lovely event, with much good food and merriment following the solemnities of state.

I am writing today to thank the many people who helped pull this off.  

The set-up crew of Sally, Niely, Dirk, & Barb were invaluable.  Thank

Trell and Daniel, as always, helped out anywhere they could see a need.
Thank you both!

Niely and Tim Luken handled 99% of the pre-event preparations.  Thanks to
both of them!

And to the perfectly coordinated team of Lady Brittany and Lady Leisle,
who stepped in with no prior chance to set up and managed the kitchen
and service in a manner that was literally fit for a King, praise and
gratitude to the skies!

I don't even know the names of half the people who served tables, but I
trust that everyone who does know them will pass on our appreciation. 
It was niche to be able to give the people who always serve a little bit
of a break. (Though I caught Sawyer, James, and Sarah helping out

To the clean-up crew, loud applause!

I am sure I have missed more than one person here, and I apologize--I
could not be everywhere at once to see it all.  Rest assured that Council will be sitting down to make sure that everyone who contributed gets entered into the records.

Oh, and everyone looked GREAT!


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