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Poster: Michael Surbrook <susano@access.digex.net>

On Fri, 19 Jul 1996, Jessica S. Rechtschaffer wrote:

> Poster: "Jessica S. Rechtschaffer" <grjsr.ors@mhs.unc.edu>
> Greetings everyone:

> I agree.  Since we are trying to re-create medieval tournaments why on 
> earth are we "fighting to the death?"  Tournaments "a pleasance" (of 
> peace/pleasure) were fought with the intent to subdue one's opponent, not 
> to kill because a dead noble is worth as much as a dead peasant which was 
> nothing!    Not even in tournaments "a outrance" (with weapons of war)  
> were fights to the death.  The only time when two combantants went into a 
> list with the sure intent of killing each other was a judicial duel.  
> Contrary to popular belief, judicial combat was a rare occurance.  
> Personally, I feel pretty stupid falling down "dead" on the field.  I'd 
> rather kneel to my victor and yield in proper medieval fashion when I 
> receive a "defeating" shot.

<other material removed>

Have you attended any of the Pas De Arms that have been held in this
kingdom, such as the Knight of the Heart, the Seven Deadly Sins of the one
at Emerald Joust?

All were fought just as you describe, with the winner being the first to
land three 'good' or telling blows.  Fights were not fought to the dath,
even those that were a outrance.

I for one enjoy this form of tourney greatly, as it is more relxed and fun
(for me at least) that any double elimination tourney.

I understand that the Knights of St. Michgael are holding their Pas de
Arms this year at Pennsic again, it is, in fact going to occur over *two*
days and offer both single and melee combats.

Perhaps we should consider not only changing our way of fighting tourneys,
but the type of tourney we fight.

Michael Limner, esq
founding memeber - Company of St. Mark

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