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blow calling

Poster: Joe <joebainc@digital.net>

Unto the Subjects of the Noble Kingdom of Atlantia,
Greetings from Sir Seosaidh, Earl Blacksword, a Knight of Trimaris

	I have received several replies to my earlier message and I have 
also gleaned several more messages from the MerryRose (an excellent 
forum by the way).
	I would like to set forth some ideas and opinions (of mine) for 
discussion or comment.  Perhaps the will shed some light on this 
problem, perhaps not.   All of the subjects relate in some way to the 
problems between Traimaris and Atlantia (which I hope to see resolved). 
I repeat that these statements are MY opinion and may or may not be my 
King's or my fellow Trimarians.

	1.	I feel that Trimarians have called their blows lighter 
and lighter over the fifteen years that I have fought there (I 
believe that I was the 26th fighter authorized in the Principality of 
Trimaris).  There was a time that blows were called in Trimaris at the 
same level as the average Atlantian calls them today.  I don't feel that 
the blow calling of the average Atlantian is out of line with the rest 
of the known world.  I do feel it is at the high end, but not excessive. 
I feel that the average Trimarian calls blows much lighter than the rest 
of the known world (with the exception of the South Downs area of 

	2.	I have attended every Trimarian war ever fought 
against Atlantia, Ansteorra, or Meridies, and the last 15 Pennsic 
Wars.  At almost every war that I fight, I strike my first opponent, he 
does not fall, and I say to myself "oh, yeah, power up".  After that I 
have very little trouble. (some, but not much)

	3.	In every kingdom there are those who do not call a blow. 
I see three categories:
	A. Those (all of us) who do not feel a particular blow because 
of the way we are moving or the way that our armor shifts at that 
particular moment, nullifying the power of the blow.
	B. Those whose adrenalin takes over and makes them basically 
numb to impacts lower in magnitude than a cannon ball.  They are 
concentrating on their offense and have forgotten pain and feeling.  
This is actually a very normal, natural effect of adrenalin -- that is 
what it is supposed to do.  We must all be trained and work at 
overcoming it.  We MUST overcome it to play this game.
	C.  Those who knowingly, intentionally cheat.

	I think that category A is just part of the game. And when our 
opponent misses a blow in this manner we should totally ignore it at the 
time.  We should mention it to them later so that the can check to see 
if there is a cause that can be fixed (such as leg armor strapped too 
loosely so that it moves away from the leg during movement preventing 
the wearer from feeling the blow, or a helmet that lifts on the shoulder 
armor when the wearer lifts his arms or charges into a line... Many 
people miss all head blows when charging-- hit them in the shoulder 
	I think that category B is to be expected (and disiplined) in 
NEW fighters.  It is a much more serious matter in an experienced 
fighter.  If it is a repeated problem the fighter should be repeatedly 
suspended temporarily from fighting until the learn to reserve a portion 
of their mind for calling blows.  This is a very common problem at wars 
because of that glorious pump we get.  
	I think that category C is very rare.  It is death to our game 
when it appears.  It must always be addressed quickly and decisively.  I 
mean serious and public sanctions.  Serious as in suspensions that 
measure months in length.  Public so that others may learn from the 

	In my personal experience in wars against Atlantia: 
	I have often run into category A fighters, almost every battle. 
 I have BEEN a category A fighter, many times.
	I have run into a category B fighter many times (twice at the 
most recent Sea Raids).  I believe (and hope) that I overcame that 
problem many years ago.  I see it on both sides from time to time.  I 
see it more by Atlantians, probably because I am only hitting Atlantians 
(well, most of the time).
	I have only SEEN three category C fighters in our wars between 
Atlantia and Trimaris.  I was not striking blows against any of them but 
it is my honest opinion that at least one was knowingly cheating.  
Giving the benefit of the doubt, the other two may have been overcome by 
adrenalin (and ego).  Two were Atlantian, one was Trimarian.  Again I am 
more prone to notice my opponents than my allies.

	I will be very direct about the recent Sea Raids, using my own 
experience as an example.  
	The same individual was a problem for me in the first two field 
battles (not the friendship battle).  I was in the right center of our 
army.  This individual charged through our line.  As we met I struck a 
solid two blow combination to his helm, and as he passed I struck a very 
hard blow to the back of his right shoulder.  I saw another blow, 
apparently solid, strike his helmet.  He did not call any of these.  He 
was then gone in the swirl of the battle.  The second battle was almost 
identical, though I only struck him once.  He appeared to be 
approximately my size (6', 210#), wearing a polished or stainless 
bascinet and shoulder armor, fighting with sword and shield.  If I had 
seen or noticed his heraldry I would describe it.
	I did not stop and make note of who the individual was because 
it was not that important TO ME.  I decided years ago to pretend that I 
was in a real battle... If a person that I hit in a real battle did not 
fall I would hit him again until he did, or until we were separated, or 
until I died.  So I did not get mad, this fighter is not a criminal, he 
is possibly one of your better fighters and nicest guys -- who knows?
	It IS more important to others.  A handful of people fighting in 
this manner can totally turn a battle with a hundred on each side.  It 
DOES make it less "fair" as a game.  It IS frustrating.
	Were there other Atlantians "guilty" of this? Probably.
	Were there other Trimarians "guilty" of this? Probably.
	Should we ignore it because it happened on both sides?  
Absolutely NOT!

	I feel that the Average Atlantian takes a harder blow than the 
Average Trimarian.
	I feel the solution is to REMIND everyone of this before each 
and every battle at the next few wars.  The Atlantians can try to call a 
little lighter and the Trimarians can try to hit a little harder.

	I feel that there are a few fighters on BOTH sides that let 
their adrenalin take over. 
	I feel that this has RECENTLY been a problem with a larger 
number of Atlantians than Trimarians.  Perhaps as many as 10 or 12 per 
battle.  I say this not because I saw the 10 or 12 instances, but 
because I saw at least two battles reverse themselves when a reverse 
should not have been possible...  at first the battle was going in favor 
of Trimaris when suddenly a relatively small number of Atlanians cut 
through two or three times their number.  This is possible but not 
	The solution (no matter who has the larger problem) is to 
emphasize to our fighters that they must reserve a portion of their 
minds for blow calling even if it means telling them to calm down a bit 
and not get so pumped.

	I LOVE wars.  I LOVE Sea Raids.  I want to see it grow and 
prosper.  I want to keep fighting you guys.  I want to stop hearing 
bellyaching and cursing opponents.  I want to see people keep their 
heads, call their blows, give theie opponents the benefit of the doubt. 
Let us have a good time together.  Experience the Joy of battle (we 
rarely bleed for real).

In Friendship,


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