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Calibration problems... a (possibly) simple solution...

Poster: Gary Bryers <gbryers@conterra.com>

I am sure this has been brought up before, but not having paid much 
attention to the 'Rose before, this discussion is sort of new to me.  A 
possible solution for calibration problems SHOULD be a simple matter to 
fix:  Make every contest begin with a calibration, where both opponents 
deliver and receive a blow that they would consider to be good, and make 
them agree on a level.  That way, if Lord Rhino and companion seek to 
club each other like baby seals, they might agree on that level, while 
some other fighter, with lighter armour (or perhaps no need to prove how 
thick his skin is) might agree, for a particular contest, to a lighter 
	In a war situation, such as Pennsic, their Majesties might come 
to an acceptable level, and pass that down to their troops, prior to 
actual combat.
	If two opponents, or groups, happen to be familiar with each 
other, and in agreement on levels, they might wave said calibration, but 
 otherwise it would be a requirement.  A good marshal, having witnessed 
the affect of the agreed-upon blows to each fighter, could reasonably 
decide if blows were becoming excessive, or ignored, within limits.
	This is something, however, that the Earl Marshal, and their 
Majesties, would have to implement, and pass down to the marshals to 
oversee.  This could also be reasonably be requested by any given 
fighter, anyways, before stepping into the list with an unknown fighter.

Just a thought...
In service to the Dream
Donal MakBrair
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