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Re: Calibration problems... a (possibly) simple solution...

Poster: jsussman@cpcug.org (Jeffrey Sussman)

Greetings from Richard Fitzgilbert,

Calibration before combat doesn't do as much as we'd like.  Acknowledgement
is a combat skill.  Standing around watching your opponent whack, or poke,
you is a very different context from combat.  Acknowledgement skills are
learned and refined in sparring and in combat.  A lack in this skill or a
miscalibration of acknowledgemet levels, acquired over years (at least
months) can not be remedied completely in a 20 second ritual exchange of
uncontested blows.  

If you bring good combat skills to the field they will stand you in good
stead.  A lack in any of these skills can not be remedied quickly.


At 12:15 AM 7/22/96 -0400, atlantia@csc.ncsu.edu wrote:
>Poster: Gary Bryers <gbryers@conterra.com>
>I am sure this has been brought up before, but not having paid much 
>attention to the 'Rose before, this discussion is sort of new to me.  A 
>possible solution for calibration problems SHOULD be a simple matter to 
>fix:  Make every contest begin with a calibration, where both opponents 
>deliver and receive a blow that they would consider to be good, and make 
>them agree on a level.
> ....

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