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Re: Calibration problems...

Poster: John S Welch <s0jswelc@cabell.vcu.edu>

 Well said Your Grace!

Here's a bit of advice learned the Hard Way to all Atlantian

Take a few moments from your Pennsic and try to fight some
pick-ups before you engage in the battles. I didn't get to do
this (due to a broken foot) at this year's Lillies War, much to
my own and unforunatly the Kingdom's dismay. I'm afaid that
there was a number of acknowledge problems with mellee fights I
had there, with faults on both sides, i'm afraid. Most notably
on my part with face shots, which they seem to judge VERY
differently than we do. It's a hard pill to swallow, to hear
from friends that you made a bad impression for your kingdom.
A few minutes warming up , exchanging customs, and blows, and
talking thru fights afterward with your oppentant would do a
world of good. EXAMPLE: All weekend I found problems with
fighters calling my Raps light, which isn't usually the case
here at home. It was in a pick-up fight I had after the battleswere over with, that after hitting a fellow soundly in the back
of the head with a rap, he stopped a few seconds ( and a few
blows) later and asked, "Was that a..... rap?" :) The number of
fighting styles in the SCA are as varied as the number of
teachers, and acknowledgement is a part of that. 

Bryce de Byram, esq.,Barional Warlord of Caer Mear,etc....
(Called His Lordship, in Calontir :).....
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