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RE: Bardic Event

Poster: John S Welch <s0jswelc@cabell.vcu.edu>

> Poster: "Charlene S. Noto" <Charlen@vnet.net>
> >>Poster: "Granger, Jenny" <JennyG@env.duke.edu>
>      Unto those gentles discussing getting the Kingdom's musicians together 
>      all in one place, we do that every year! The event is called the
>      Jounglerie (sp?) and is held every spring in the Canton of Elvegast in 
>      Windmaster's Hill. <<
> This is a wonderful event. I was able to make it to the first one but 
> missed the second while at Gulf Wars. I had a great time and had no trouble 
> attending the Bardic circle. (held in my cabin <g>) The tavern was great 
> with everyone playing their part with gusto. A very relaxed, full of fun 
> event.
> -Deirdre

---> Hosted by the Militant Society of Bards, I might add...
and excellantly ran by Lord Efenwealt Wystle, Atlantian Royal
Bard, and his gracious Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall.....

Bryce de Byram
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