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Humility and Calibration

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Allah's Peace to the Denizens of the Merry Rose!!

My apologies to those that have sent me personal E-mail that I have not yet answered.  I 
know...I'm a dweeb, but I'm a very busy dweeb, in Wisconsin for the time being, and I 
will answer you soon.

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>
> > Calibration before combat doesn't do as much as we'd like. Acknowledgement
> > is a combat skill.  Standing around watching your opponent whack, or poke,
> > you is a very different context from combat.
> Sure, it's a combat skill. But part of the ill will currently floating
> around the Kingdom revolves around the notion that some folks simply
> think that calibration is much higher than other folks. A little
> calibration before combat can dispell that rumor. The bowling ball
> device can go a long way towards dispelling that rumor. Neither will
> "solve" the real problem, but both are positive steps.
> Gregory Blount, who doesn't know that much about calibration

Sure it's a combat skill.  "A little calibration before the combat can dispell that 
rumor.", or it can verify the rumors as fact!

The problem of "social calibration" goes incredibly deep.  It actually provides 
reflections from the facets of one's personality.  A Knight, Count(ess), Duke(Duchess), 
who engages in social calibration let's us see that one of the foremost virtues to be 
shown in the circles of the peerage is non-existant in that individual.  That virtue is 
humility.  A member of this order that does not show humility, or places him/herself on 
a pedestal as "harder to kill" than the average "nobody", has forgotten the reason thehy 
wear that belt.  Legends in their own mind, someone once said.

Is it so bad to congratulate someone with less experience when they kill you so freakin' 
dead it isn't funny?  Certainly not, and especially if you have spent time giving 
pointers and helping out at a fighter practice, or at an event, or anywhere at all.  In 
fact, you have helped to defeat yourself(a good example/allegory of humility, BTW).

I don't think this is as bad a problem as we think it is, but we have to consider the 
thoughts of those individuals from other kingdoms, areas, social circles, etc. because 
they are a source of feedback to fuel introspect.  Introspect, BTW, is facilitated by 
humility.  We have to admit, there are and have been individuals that certainly don't 
question themselves or their actions.  We have to police ourselves with intrinsic 
introspect and raise ourselves closer to the idea of "above reproach".

Another two coins thrown from Outer BFE.

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