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Re: QUERY: Pennsic pre-registration yet again

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> Does any gentle here at the Rose know where or who to call/write/
> email queries regarding  the Pennsic pre-registration? 
> I sent in a check, postcards and SASEs for three people well before 
> the deadline.  I have received postcards for all three, but only 
> two registration packets, at least two weeks ago.  The third one has 
> not shown up to date. 
> I plan to take a copy of my cancelled check to Troll with me to prove 
> that I've paid for three.  Any other suggestions? 
> Frustratedly, 
> Alanna 

Gentle Alanna,

	Allay your frustrations and hie thee to the Rialto!  I saw a number of 
postings there today (saved none of them, alas) concerning this very question; 
apparently a number of folks have had great success calling out to Cooper's 
and asking the gentleman in charge of pre-reg to look them up on his computer 
listing.  He has been most helpful, apparently, in giving out the pre-reg 
numbers to folks; one piece of advice I recall, after receiving the number, is 
to write it down on the card that was sent out as each packet was received.  

	Then, of course, you either hope for the actual letter to arrive, or 
you remember -- as we all must -- to take photo IDs with us, to prove we are 
who we say we are.

 	Good luck!


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