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Re: QUERY: Pennsic pre-registration yet again

Poster: Scott Law <law@sirocco.mitre.org>

> I sent in a check, postcards and SASEs for three people well before the
> deadline.  I have received postcards for all three, but only two
> registration packets, at least two weeks ago.  The third one has not shown
> up to date.

> I plan to take a copy of my cancelled check to Troll with me to prove that
> I've paid for three.  Any other suggestions?

  Someone one the Midrealm list had a similar question.  Another lady said
that she had talked to a registration person and he said (Sorry, this sounds
so chained, but I trust would trust the person who made the call. :) that
just bring the postcard or the canceled check or ... something else.  
Unfortunately I don't have the posting anymore, but it sounds like they will
be pretty forgiving and take what you have to show.  It is the first year for
pre-reg after all.  I would have no fear if you have a cancelled check.  I 
don't think they would have cashed it if they hadn't reserved your spot.

                           -Virgil (not really rumor-monger)

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